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Patient Education Videos

The listings below are private videos. If you need assisstance accessing these please call the Help Desk.

Fall Prevention Hand Hygiene Hand Hygiene (Española) Munson Preparing for Surgery Video

Behavioral Health

One Woman’s Story        

Birth and Beyond

7 Steps to Reduce the Risk of SIDS


Cancer A to Z Introduction Chemotherapy Patient Education Video Common Cancer Treatments Managing Side Effects Managing Your Life Other Cancer Treatments PleurX Catheter – Home Use Staying Healthy During Treatment The Cost of Care and Insurance Understanding Your Diagnosis


Injecting Insulin Introduction to Type 1 Diabetes Understanding Insulin What is Diabetes? (Type 2 Diabetes)

Heart and Vessel Disease

A Patient's Guide to Lovenox (Enoxaparin Sodium Inj) Coumadin Today: Coumadin Therapy and You Heart Failure Heart Failure (Española) Heart Surgery: Preparing for Discharge Helping Recovery at Home (Lovenox) Prehabilitation – Preparing for Your Surgery Introduction to Heart Disease Risk Factors (2nd Edition) PAD – Risk Factor Modification Survival Skills for Heart Disease


Hospice - The Gift of Time

Kidney and Urinary Disease

NXStage System One: Being Me Again

Medications and Home Therapies

Basic PICC Care Eclipse Gemstar Pump Syringe


Tracheostomy Care